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Haitham Fakhouri is the owner and CEO of Bold Media Inc.

Is Search Engine Optimization Still Alive?

What is search engine optimization? According to statistics, the U.S. alone on average conducts over 12 billion web searches each month. Consumers use search engines for purposes such as research, entertainment, shopping, etc. When consumers input keywords and phrases into search engines, the results that are displayed correspond with those inquiries. Search Engine Optimization, or [...]

Bold Media Provides The Wellness Center of Plymouth with a Redesigned Website

The Wellness Center of Plymouth recently contacted Bold Media to help change their website into something unique and professional. Thanks to the creative team at Bold Media, customers like The Wellness Center of Plymouth have the opportunity to transform their websites. Their websites turn into something that makes a statement, stands out from the crowd, [...]

Bold Media Redesigns The Wow Factory’s Website

The Wow Factory approached Bold Media to get their website redesigned for a touch of color and class sure to appeal to their audience. Because of Bold Media, customers like The Wow Factory have transformed their existing websites. They have the opportunity to combine their goals and desires into one design. With the team at [...]